Conduct more shareholder and member conversions with confidence in a better way.

Increase engagement of shareholders and organisations to meet digitally.

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Seamless, Secure, Independent Platform

EAGM.Cloud technology empowers virtual and hybrid AGMs that are fully compliant with your statutory & legislative guidelines.

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Enhanced Security

Technology runs on a secure dedicated network. For meetings, encrypted cloud-based servers are utilized

Seamless Process

End-to-End virtual AGM, providing seamless process support for Pre-AGM, AGM and Post-AGM

Ensured Transparency

Features such as real-time Voting System for accurate Resolution results, Audit Trail and Report

Scalable Platform

Scalable systems provide registration, certified voting and streamlined Q&A at meetings of any size

One Integrated Platform

Seamless and fuss-free shareholder registration and collection of AGM-related information in one integrated platform


Highly secure, protected by SSL encryption to ensure secure fast access for your members


Your AGM account can be customised to your brand elements such as logos and colours.


Virtual attendees can also view audio, and live video through the web interface

Managed Q&A

Virtual attendees can submit Questions in text form through online

Reporting & Auditing

From registrations, questions and voting, right through to the results. A range of reports with a full-audit trail are produced automatically. A complete and transparent record of the meeting is provided


Shareholder meetings require flawless execution. We are with you all the way. We can develop a solution that is customised to suit your unique requirements and provide complete peace of mind

Campaign Channels

Reach out to your shareholders through various channels. We provide SMS and Email campaign services. Get more visibility & reach for your virtual AGM

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